Tony Falcone’s painting Rescue of the Pendleton by the 36500. See below for more information.

Cover art for Into A Raging Sea comes from Tony Falcone’s painting Rescue of the Pendleton by the 36500, which also appears on page 90. The painting is one of a series of works that comprise the US Coast Guard’s Historical Murals Project, located in Waesche Hall at the USCG Academy in New London, CT. Falcone has written, “As a painter, I can not imagine a more satisfying artistic process than to have the subject of your artwork work along side of you, recalling an event of over sixty years ago, sharing his memory of that onsite experience: that exact night­—the storm, the darkness, the crashing waves, and mostly the determination that he and his crew would indeed bring those stranded back to safety. As we worked together on the development of this theme, both at the studio and through mailed sketches and phone calls, I came to understand that just as Bernie brought the scene alive for me, I was in a strange way, once again making it alive for him, on canvas. As the painting neared completion and he and his wife, Miriam, were leaving my barn studio early one evening after giving final approval, Bernie turned one last time, just as I had turned out the lights—leaving the painting illuminated only by the faintest evening light—and exclaimed, “That’s it!”

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