The Orleans Historical Society and Museum preserves and maintains the actual boat that Bernie Webber and his crew used for this historic rescue.
The boat is on view at Rock Harbor in Orleans, Cape Cod, MA every summer.
To learn more about this beloved vessel and the Orleans Historical Society you can click here: CG36500

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An artist's rendition of rescuers setting out on the 36500.

The Gold Medal crew relaxed at the station with coffee and doughnuts after a wild night at sea. Left to right: Boatswain’s Mate First Class Bernard Webber, Engineman Third Class Andrew Fitzgerald, Seaman Richard Livesey, and Seaman Irving Maske. (Photo by Richard C. Kelsey, Chatham, Massachusetts.

In May, the boat was again placed on the trailer and brought out of the warehouse, ready to float. The CG36500 was launched at Rock Harbor in Orleans in June 1982.

Bernie Webber, June 22, 1982 at Rock Harbor, Orleans, MA on the 36500. This was just before it was launched after restoration.

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