Into A Raging Sea is the autobiography or memoirs of Bernie Webber who won the US Coast Guard Gold Lifesaving Medal as the skipper of the USCG 36500 boat that rescued 32 survivors from the stern of the Pendleton in 1952. It was originally published in 1985 under the misleading title Chatham, The Lifeboatmen as a hard cover book by Lower Cape Publications, headed up by the a late Cape Cod publisher and photographer, William Quinn. Into A Raging Sea tells the story of Bernie’s life with a heavy focus on his life in the Coast Guard. Also, as the Pendleton rescue played such a pivotal role in Bernie’s life, it also plays a pivotal role in this book. However, Into A Raging Sea is not by an means exclusively focused on the rescue. It teems with anecdotes and stories unrelated to that famous rescue. Although, Bernie’s book was well-received in 1985, it was only distributed on a limited basis, and only a small number of copies were ever sold. Working closely with Bernie’s daughter, Pattie Hamilton, and The Finest Hours co-author, Michael Tougias, On Cape Publications edited Bernie’s manuscript and re-issued it in an accessible paperback format, renaming it Into A Raging Sea: My Life and the Pendleton Rescue with an introduction by Michael Tougias.

The Finest Hours, co-authored in 2010 by Michael Tougias and Casey Sherman, in contrast to Into A Raging Sea, is very focused on the rescue efforts that took place during the storm that split the Pendleton. Bernie is clearly the hero of The Finest Hours, as he was the best-known hero of that eventful day (although not the only hero, certainly.) However, The Finest Hours also tells the story of the rescue of the Fort Mercer, a second oil tanker that was also wrecked off Cape Cod in the same storm. Originally published in 2010, The Finest Hours has received glowing reviews from many critics but especially from readers on websites such as who almost universally have loved it. It also is the primary source of the Disney movie, The Finest Hours, released in 2016.

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